Adventure to Africa

June 23, 2009

ghana_mapFive different types of mosquito repellent, SPF 85 sunscreen (yes, they make that now), four shots in my arm, malaria medicine, and some cargo shorts later– I’m all set for an adventure of a lifetime!

Two days from now, June 25th I will be joining five engineers from Las Vegas and three other teachers and volunteers from Philadelphia, and we will be traveling to a remote village in the southeastern region of Volta in Ghana called Tsito Awudome.  The goal is to raise the standard of living for the orphans of Drifting Angels Orphanage.  The engineers will  build a well, latrine, and water sanitation system (more funding is still needed to build a new building, although designs are ready to be implemented), while the teachers will work with the children emphasizing the importance of sanitation and good hygiene using the new facilities. Me on the other hand, I will help anyway I can, and write about the experience of the land, the culture, the people, the children and of course the progress of the orphanage so you can join us on this journey. You won’t want to miss it!


One Response to “Adventure to Africa”

  1. Hi Jessica – I met David last year when I was in Ghana filing paperwork for our adoption. We have since brought home three beatiful children from an orphanage in Accra – they are 11, 4 and 1. I’m so glad you will be documenting this great project – David is an amazing guy as are all of these “engineers without borders.” There are SO MANY needs in Ghana and this project will help so many children!I will be following your blog – thanks again for being willing to go!

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