The Road Ahead

July 10, 2009

5213_542929013978_23710730_32200487_22826_nEngineers Without Borders’ determination to improve the standard of living for the orphans at Drifting Angels Orphanage has been a successful, but it is not complete. Twenty children are still sleeping on the cement floor of a single room. The money that should be going towards the children’s health and education is instead forced to go towards the rent of the complex. The only way to solve these problems is to build a new orphanage on Mama Elize’s farm. The design and engineers are ready. The only thing missing is the finances. $30,000 is needed to build the orphanage. I’m going to start putting aside some money for the project. If you, like me, were touched by these children and want to help visit EWB’s website at A hundred percent of the donations go to build the new orphanage. Every little bit helps towards a better living environment for these children.

I will start a list of all the families and companies that donate toward the orphanage on this blog. This way we can all support and encourage each other. It doesn’t take much to impact the world.


One Response to “The Road Ahead”

  1. Orson Maazel said

    how do I make a donation, I had some trouble sending a message at the website you provided the link for. my sister was just at Drifting Angels for a few days last August and we would really like to help. I would love to make a donation and get more information. Please email me and also I would appreciate talking to someone by phone 917 698 7040


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