MyPictureHello!  My name is Jessica Walters. I am a student-athlete at UNLV, Journalism major Political Science minor. I grew up in the beautiful Southern Oregon, and came to Las Vegas to play volleyball for UNLV and receive a stellar education. My dream has always been to make a dent in the world, impacting it with my words. International issues is my favorite topic because I believe it expands our minds outside our own situations. By the graces of God, I stumbled onto a group of engineers in Vegas, determined to make a difference for 80 orphans in Ghana. This is the live documentation of the Ghana experience.

Mary Haush’s Advanced Reporting class started the series of fortunate events, where I now find myself traveling to Ghana with the Las Vegas Chapter of Engineers Without Borders.  During a class in this past spring semester, Hausch had us all draw out of a bag to find out which UNLV building we would be assigned to explore and write a story.  I drew the Engineering Complex, an area of campus I rarely ventured.  Hopeful to find something exciting, I scanned the walls, examining posted invitations to join a variety of clubs and associations.   In the back corner of a side hall,  I saw a lonely poster for Engineers Without Borders.  There was very little information and no contact information.  So I did what any upcoming journalist would do: I googled it.  Long story short, I got in contact with the organization and discover they were currently designing a project to build a new orphanage for Drifting Angels Orphanage in Ghana, as well as, a well, latrine and water sanitation system.  The orphanage could no longer fit all the children, the bathroom consisted of a dirt pit with logs laid over it, and the water was not safe to drink so they had to pay for water to be brought in.  Davide Levine, the president of the Las Vegas chapter, discovered the very deserving orphanage while volunteering Ghana a year prior. They were also looking to jump start a student chapter of EWB at UNLV.  I wrote the story for The Rebel Yell (the university newspaper).  Levine suggested I join them in Africa.  Hausch thought it was a great idea and connected me with one of her ex-students, a news producer at Channel 8, who also like the story.   The producer wanted to run the story and suggested I blog about the experience, so the Channel 8 audience could follow the developments by a link through their website. My church, Remnant Ministry’s, made it possible by graciously sponsored my whole trip.  The adventure launches June 25th.

Engineers Without Borders is a non-government, non-profit organization that works with developing countries to raise communities standards of living.  Find more information by visiting EWB’s Las Vegas chapter website .


2 Responses to “About”

  1. MatsRG said

    I will follow your experiences in Ghana and I wish you and the kids all luck!

  2. Sandy Beall said

    I am the president-elect of a civic organization here in Las Vegas called Civitan Accelerated. We are having problems with a speaker from NV Energy who we have booked for our general membership meeting this Thursday (July 16) at 7:00 P.M. If that speaker falls through, we would love to have you or a member of the Las Vegas chapter of Engineers Without Borders speak to us. Could that be possible? If that is not an option, we would like you (or a representative of Engineers Without Borders) to speak to us at the next membership meeting on August 20 at 7:00 P.M?

    I have already left a message about this Thursday on the Las Vegas Engineers Without Borders website, but I still have not heard back from them. If you could call my cell phone at your earliest possible convenience, I would really appreciate it. By the way, my brother Gildon is a member of Doctors Without Borders and has traveled in Africa (and many other countries) setting up AIDS clinics.

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